Aset Invocations


From The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Come to me. Come to me,
for my speech hath in it the power to protect, and it possesseth life. 
I am Isis the goddess, and I am the lady of words of power. 

Isis, the goddess and great enchantress at the head of the gods. 
Heaven was satisfied with the words of the goddess Isis. 
The great lady, the God-mother, giver of life.
The divine one, the only one, the greatest of the gods and goddesses,
the queen of all gods, the female Ra, the female Horus, the eye of Ra
Lady of the New Year, maker of the sunrise, Lady of heaven, the light-giver of heaven.

Queen of the earth, most mighty one, lady of warmth and fire, the God-mother.
The lady of life, lady of green crops, lady of bread, lady of abundance, lady of joy and gladness, lady of love, the maker of kings, the beautiful goddess, the lady of words of power. Wife of the lord of the abyss. 

Let the blood of Isis, and the magical spirits of Isis and the words of power of Isis, be mighty to protect and keep safely this great god. 

Translated by E. A. Wallis Budge


by M. Isadora Forrest, Author of Isis Magic
O ISIS, Beautiful in All Thy Names,
  I call Thee with the breath of my body,
I call Thee with the beat of my heart,
I call Thee with the pulse of my life,
I call Thee with the words of my mouth,
I call Thee with the thoughts of my mind.
I call Thee Power and Life and Creation.
I call Thee, Isis, Isis, Isis!

by M. Isadora Forrest, author of Isis Magic
Great Goddess Isis,
Thou Who art called by a thousand,
thousand names.
Thou Who dost live. Thou Who dost forgive.
Thou Who dost love with the Greatest Heart.
Thou, Goddess Isis, Queen of Magic,
Lady of Words of Power, Great of Love,
Thy daughter calls to Thee!
Come, Great Goddess, and be with me.
O Isis, be with me.




The Wings and Breath of ISIS
Stand with arms at your sides, facing East. Inhale, simaltaneously bringing the hands together at about the level of the abdomen and cradling one palm in the other. With this breath, gather strength for the invocation. Exhale, whil simaltaneously raising and spreading out the arms like unfurling wings. The arms should be slightly curved, with the palms facing out and slightly above the shoulders. With this exhaled breath, you symbolically expend energy to reach out to the Divine. The wings are fully extended.
Take another breath and say:
“I am a daughter/son of ISIS.
I am a child of the Goddess.”
(repeat this as needed to feel that it is so)
To complete the posture, now turn your palms inward and form a cup with your arms. Inhale and imagine drawing in the breath of ISIS. Finally, exhaling, open your arms and allow them to slowly come back down to your sides. With this exhaled breath, having taken in as much of the breath of ISIS as needed, share the breath and blessings of ISIS with all the Earth. 
Return then to the first position, with palm cradling each other.
I also like to make the additional gesture of respect by crossing
my hands over my heart and bowing slightly to ISIS.
This is a wonderful addition to many of the Daily Rites.
I have also done it kneeling/sitting so that is not a problem.
I perform this gesture prior to prayer and sometimes after as well.
Try it and let me know what you think!
This wonderful book ISIS Magic is a great tool and has so many wonderful things to aid and assist an Isian Devotee with to become much closer to the Great Goddess ISIS on an everyday basis! The meditations are EXCELLENT and I highly recommend this book to everyone who seeks to Know Her Truly.


by M. Isadora Forrest, Author of ISIS Magic
Close eyes and turn them upwards as if looking at the back of the forehead. It is best to memorize the invocation and recite it, keeping the eyes closed and turned upwards. If this is not possible, spend a few moments in this way, but speaking only Her Nmae; then, read the invocation in a rhythmic manner. “Thiouis” means “The Only One.”
Isis (pronounced “EYE-sis”), Is-Is (“EES-EES”), Iset (“EE-set”),
Thiouis (“thee-OU-ees”), Thiouis, Thiouis.
I call Thee, I invoke Thee, I ask Thee,
Isis, Is-Is, Iset,
Come, Lady. Come, Goddess. Come, Isis.
Wrap me within Thy wings.
Thou Who art Great of Magic,
Thou Who art Beautiful of Dreams,
Thou Who art Lady of All, Isis!
As Thou didst come to Horus, come now to me.
As Thou didst come to Osiris, come now to me.
As Thou didst send dreams in ancient days, send me a dream…
Isis, Is-Is, Iset.
Thiouis, Thiouis, Thiouis.
Visualize the Light of Isis shining above your head.
Visualize a beam of Isis Light streaming down and penetrating your body, passing through it, and pooling beneath the feet.
Inhale and draw in the Light of Isis into your heart.
Visualize the Light of Isis filling your entire aura.
Isis, Queen of Night, send to me a dream of
(state that which you wish to dream about)
Amma, Iset. Amma, Iset. Amma, Iset.
Grant that it be so.

Hail to you, Lady of Goodness, at seeing whom those [who] are in the Netherworld rejoice,

who removes the limpness of the Inert One,

because of whom Osiris has trodden,

who made for him the stride of those who walk in his moment of interment,

 in this your name of “Dam which is under the feet ..

Hail to you, Mourner of Osiris who bewails the limp Great One;

who makes a spirit of the Bull of the West;

at see­ing whom the Westerners rejoice;

Lady of All in the Secret Place;

to whom Osiris turns his back in these his moments of inertness;

who is in front of the Lord of Abydos;

whose place on the paths of the Netherworld is hidden;

who be­wails her lord at the interment in this her name of “She who bewails her lord.” …

Hail to you, Mourner of Osiris,

Companion of the Bull of Nedit who makes the mummy-wrappings to breathe,

who veils the limpness, to whom Osiris has turned his back,

helper of the embalmer Anubis when treating the body of the Inert One ….

Hail to you, Great One behind your lord;

who raises him up after being limp,

who gathered [his] body together,

who pulled [his] flesh together,

who spiritualized [him],

who split open [his] mouth for [him] …

Hail to you, you who are in attendance on your lord, Mourner of Osiris, the Great One, the Wailer, Mistress of the Per-nu …

Hail to you, Mistress of the Old Ones,

Lady of many faces in the Secret Place,

who gives orders to the Bull of Djedu,

who guides the Lord of the West, at whom Osiris rejoiced when he saw her:

Mistress of the hidden mysteries,

who announces festivals in the bow of the bark when men navigate in the morning, t

o whom the Inert One has turned his face in this her name of Mistress of faces ….

Hail to you, Lady of offerings, at whom Osiris rejoices when he sees her,

whose great wall is an owner of posses­sions;

who brings air, who gives offerings,

who presides over the throne in the secret places of the Netherworld;

who clears the vision of the Bull of Djedu,

who split open his mouth and split open his eyes when the Inert One asked;

who gathered together his arms and legs, who laid Osiris down …

who gave abundance to the Lord of the Flood on the desert plateau; who gave offerings.

She whose head was cut off with a knife.

She of the papyrus-plant whose milk is sweet. S

he of vegetation which her lord divided.

She whom Horus examined …

Mistress of herbage who makes the Two Lands green.

Mistress of the night who takes possession of the Two Lands.

She who bent Set on account of her utterance.

She who cleared Horus’s vision for him.

She who placed her lord in her embrace for herself.

I come that I may greet you, you Mourner of Osiris, w

ho conceal the Great One from the flood of ill;

Mistress of thrones who makes a spirit of the Bull of the West, at seeing whom the Westerners rejoice;

Mistress of All in the secret places …

I come that I may greet you, 0 Great Lady who are behind your lord …


-Coffin Texts, spells 236-241,828, and 993, translation by R. O. Faulkner.


Homage to Ast/Isis

We call upon you, O Isis

Weret Hekau, Great of Magic

Aid us in our spiritual journey

Open our minds, oh queen

Open our hearts, oh Ast

Open our inner eyes, oh beloved of Osiris

We cine before you, in sight of Maat, in all honesty and integrity

Reward our work with your strength and wisdom

Teach us, oh Gold of the Gods

We will follow where you lead, oh Isis


From Sekhem Heka written by Storm Constantine


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