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Recycling Dollars

susu business incubator

DEFINITION of ‘Rotating Credit And Savings Association (ROSCA)’

A group of individuals that fill the role of an informal financial institution through repeated contributions and withdrawals to and from a common fund. Rotating Credit and Savings Associations are most common in developing economies or among immigrant groups in the developed world. This is because accessing formal institutions is difficult due to their unavailability or because these institutions are unable to provide the appropriate service.

The name derives itself from the types of transactions that occur in these associations; members pool their money into a common fund, generally structured around monthly contributions, and money is withdrawn from it as a lump sum by a single member at the beginning of each cycle. This occurs for as long as the group exists.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Rotating Credit And Savings Association (ROSCA)’
Memberships are generally based on ethnic or geographical lines, and the…

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Egyptian Y-Chromosomes Indigenous to North Africa and Nile Valley ኒለ ቫልለይ: My Fathers’ Haplogroup E Family: E-PN2= M78, M35, M2/E-V38. The Egyptian Triad Paternal DNA

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Billy Gambéla ጋምበላ ። Afri-Asiatic Anthropology Blog.

King Thutmose. III the 18th Dynasty


800px-maler_der_grabkammer_des_ramose_002 Egyptian Y-chromosome Diversity @ Luxor

This is more focused on the Egyptians around Luxor, where Upper Egypt was located.

A recent DNA study by Cruciani that focused on the Y chromosome E-M78 revealed that it was ’born’ in North East Africa , not East Africa as previously thought. This means, that an Egyptianwith an M78Y chromosome has had a male line ancestry reaching back to the Pleistocene inhabitants of Egypt; as far back as the Halfan culture about 24,000 years ago.

Below is a display of the most prevalent among Egyptian Males..

Keita-Boyce Study on Y-chromosomes of Egypt



Ychromosome(IV) E-M2 is diversified with (1.2%)Lower Egypt,(27.3%)Upper Egypt. And ( 39.1% ) -in Lower Nubia/Nile Valley.

Y-chromosome (XI) E-M35 is diversified with (11.7%)Lower Egypt,(28.8%)Upper…

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Click Here to Support NAT TURNER LEGACY: Help Carry The Torch by Halif Khalif Khalifah

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NAT TURNER LEGACY: Help Carry Torch Halif Khalif Khalifah

Greetings Everyone!

My name is H Khalif Khalifah I am a IndependentJournalist/publisher/writer living on some of the birthland of Nat Turner. I am appealing to you to help us to Document and carry the “Torch:” The true history and legacy about Nat Turner. As the Senior Tour for the Nat Turner Trail Tour, with your donation you will help to ensure the preservation and enhance a precious part of the Noble history of Black people. Unless we act, and “Do For Self,” the History about Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831 will continue to be distorted, frabricated, fade or go away altogether. We mustn’t and i shall not leave it to chance that the historic record about this segment of Black history will be told correctly by anyone but us; now…

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Egyptians, E-thi-o’-pi-ans, Nubians and Hebrews are the Same Ethnic People: NILE VALLEY: North Africa / Sahara / Horn of Africa and West Asia..

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Billy Gambéla ጋምበላ ። Afri-Asiatic Anthropology Blog.

This is the Ancient Nuzi Map of Eden, which supports the existence of the African Eden.

Link To Photo Of Original Clay Tablet

The Nuzi Map – made of clay may have been made 120 years before The Flood of Noah or possibly closer to Creation.

Cocoa "Nubia" Baby


The Nuzi Map portrays the main city within Eden/Aad as being South of the cited mid-point. That is, on the Nuzi Map the city of Aid appears to be perhaps as far south as the Dahlak Archipelago to the Northeast of Asmara, Eritrea (Ethiopia) or nearer the Sudan/Eritrean border or even further to the North perhaps nearer the Suakin Archipelago and Port Sudan.   It is very probable that ruins of Eden will be found throughout this entire area.”Land of Ham and Shem MapThe Nuzi map proves the existence of the 4 rivers chronicled in the “Holy Bible”.

Those 4 rivers traverse…

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There is No Devil in Indigenous Afrikan Spirituality ( Without The Devil, There Is No Christianity)

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The Origin Behind The God & Devil Concept ( There is No Devil in Indigenous Afrikan Spiritual Science-Spirituality ) – Haki Kweli Shakur



Without the devil, there is no Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Neither sin nor the devil are native Africanconcepts. ‘Devil’ as expounded by the alien unAfrican, anti-African and non-African Judeo-Christian &Islamic religions, does not exist in traditional African spirituality. We don’t condemn, much less demonize anyone who believes in the “the Devil” or even “the Devil” himself. One is free to believe in anything onewishes. The only case we make is, ITS NOT AFRICAN.

“African Religion doesn’t know a cosmic principle of evil like the devil in the Christian and Muslim faith.”Gregor Schmidt, MCCJ Contemporary Beliefs about Witches and Witchcraft in Kenya, p.3

“Within the African worldview there is no concept of a devil that is in constant battle with…

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Craft Membership Determined By The Zodiac: Ausar, Auset & The Astrology of African Historians

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VisionThought's Blog


African centered historians are cut from a special cloth, for they are guided by a sacred mission to empower Black people with the correct knowledge about their past accomplishments.

This sacred mission has been undertaken sometimes at great cost to the individual historians without regard to pain, suffering and lack of professional advancement.

There are metaphysical traits that certain African historians share who are respected in the African centered community. The metaphysical traits that these pioneering historians have in common include the astrological signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius as well as the planets  Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun, while Saturn is the 6th and Uranus is the 7th respectively.

In Ancient Kemet Jupiter was identified with Auset and Saturn was associated with Ausar.

The African historians will be examined by birth order and their place within the astrological landscape will be identified by the tropical and sidereal zodiac systems of astrology.

The African historians whose metaphysical traits…

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Invoking Ma’at

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Homage to you, lady of truth,

(Anedj hra-ek nebet maat)

She to whom the Ennead extend their arms:

(Setchat pesjet aui-sen her-es)

I am pure, I have been purified in the southern pool.

(Ab kua, ab na em seshetyt)

I have committed no faults, I have not erred,

(Enen asfet-a. ene khebent-a)

I have not done evil, nor have I borne false witness,

(En tu-a enen meteru-a)

I come forward to make a declaration of truth.

(I-na aa er semeteret maat)

I present truth, I present my name _______________

(Henek-i maat, henek-i ren)

I am here before you, and you are given:

(Em-ek ui em bah-ek, her di en-ek)

Power over the waters, divine food, the lifetime of Ra, eternity.

(Uas tep nu, hotepu djefau, ankh en Ra, neheh)

We feed upon truth, we live in truth

(Sam-en em maat, ankh-en em maat.

Who is Maat?

Source:  African Religion voulume 1: Anunian Theology

Written by DR.  Muata Ashby




“Those who live today will die tomorrow, those who die tomorrow will be born again; Those who live Maat will not die. “



Maat is one of the most important divinities in respect to the promotion of the spiritual evolution of an aspirant. Even though the figure of goddess Maat is not usually seen in the Rau Prt m Hm, her presence is the most strongly felt of all. Her name is mentioned more than any other goddess and indeed, she is said to be an aspect of the all-goddess, Aset. Therefore, in order to understand the Prt m Hm, we must have a working knowledge of the goddess and her philosophy. When Ra emerged in his Boat for the first time and creation came into being, he was standing on the pedestal of Maat. Thus the Creator, Ra, lives by Maat and has established Creation on Maat. Who is Maat? She is the divinity who manages the order of Creation. She is the fulcrum upon which the entire Creation and the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma, functions. Maat represents the very order which constitutes creation. Therefore, it is said that Ra created the universe by putting Maat in the place of chaos. So creation itself is Maat. Creation without order is chaos. Maat is a profound teaching in reference to the nature of creation and the manner in which human conduct should be cultivated. It refers to a deep understanding of Divinity and the manner in which virtuous qualities can be developed in the human heart so as to come closer to the Divine.



Maat is a philosophy, a spiritual symbol as well as a cosmic energy or force which pervades the entire universe. She is the symbolic embodiment of world order, justice, righteousness, correctness, harmony and peace. She is also known by her headdress composed of a feather which symbolizes the qualities just mentioned. She is a form of the Goddess Aset, who represents wisdom and spiritual awakening through balance and equanimity.



In Ancient Egypt, the judges and all those connected with the judicial  system were initiated into the teachings of Maat. Thus, those who would discharge the laws and regulations of society were well trained in the ethical and spiritual-mystical values of life, fairness, justice and the responsibility to serve and promote harmony in society as well as the possibility for spiritual development in an atmosphere of freedom and peace, for only when there is justice and fairness in society can there be an abiding harmony and peace. Harmony and peace are necessary for the pursuit of true happiness and inner fulfillment in life.



Maat signifies that which is straight. Two of the symbols of Maat are the ostrich feather  and the pedestal upon which God stands. The Supreme Being, in the form of the god Atum, Asar, and Ptah, are often depicted standing on the pedestal.



Maat is the daughter of Ra, the high God, thus in a hymn to Ra we find:



The land of Manu (the West) receives thee with satisfaction, and the goddess Moat embraces thee both at morn and at eve … the god Djehuti and the goddess Moat have written down thy daily course/or thee every day …



Another Hymn in the Papyrus of Qenna (Kenna) provides deeper insight into Maat. Qenna says:



1 have come to thee, 0 Lord of the Gods, Temu-Heru-khuti, whom Moat directeth. .. Amen-Ra rests upon Moat … Ra lives by Maat… Asar carries along the earth in His train by Maat …



Maat is the daughter of Ra, and she was with him on his celestial boat when he first emerged from the primeval waters along with his company of gods and goddesses. She is also known as the Eye of Ra, Lady of heaven, Queen of the earth, Mistress of the Netherworld and the lady of the gods and goddesses. Maat also has a dual form or Maati. In her capacity of God, Maat is Shes Maat which means ceaseless-ness and regularity of the course of the sun (i.e. the universe). In the form of Maati, she represents the South and the North which symbolize Upper and Lower Egypt as well as the Higher Self and lower self. Maat is the personification of justice and righteousness upon which God has created the universe, and Maat is also the essence of God and creation. Therefore, it is Maat who judges the soul when it arrives in the judgment hall of Maat. Sometimes Maat herself becomes the scales upon which the heart of the initiate is judged. Maat judges the heart (unconscious mind) of the initiate in an attempt to determine to what extent the heart has lived in accordance with Maat or truth, correctness, reality, genuineness, uprightness, righteousness, justice, steadfastness and the unalterable nature of creation.





Prayer to Maat, Goddess of Truth and Justice


Homage to Thee, O Great Goddess, Thou Master of all Truth,
Oh my Goddess, and have brought myself hither
that I may become conscious of Thy decrees.
I know Thee and am attuned with Thee and Thy two
and forty laws which exist with Thee in this Chamber of Maat.

In Truth & Justice I come into Thy Attunement,
and I have brought Maat in my mind and Soul.

I have destroyed wickedness for Thee.
I have not done evil to mankind.
I have not oppressed the members of my family.
I have not wrought evil place of right and Truth.
I have no intimacy with worthless men.
I have not demanded first consideration.
I have not decreed that excessive labour be performed for me.
I have not brought forward my name for exaltation to honours.
I have not defrauded the oppressed of Property.
I have made no man suffer hunger
I have made no one to weep.
I have caused no pain to be inflicted upon man or animal.
I have not defrauded the Temple of their oblations.
I have not diminished from the bushel.
I have not filched away land.
I have not encroached upon the fields of others.
I have not added to the weights of the scales to cheat the seller
and I have not misread the pointer of the scales to cheat the buyer.
I have not kept milk from the mouths of children.
I have not turned back the water at the time it should flow.
I have not extinguished the fire when it should burn.
I have not repulsed God in His Manifestation.

I am Pure! I am Pure! I am Pure!
My purity is the purity of the Divinity of the Holy Temple.
Therefore evil shall not befall me in this world,
because I, even I, know the Laws of God which are God.

Ma’at – our order, our truth, our justice, our fairness

Ma’at – judge of our Ba (heart)

Ma’at – foundation for the building blocks of creation and all living beings